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Crafted Simply + Sweetly

Crafted for modern little ones, Hello Little Honey is a family-owned baby and children’s brand that designs modern, on-trend pieces for littles. We care about conscious consuming, being sure to develop functional and safe-to-use pieces, easing the minds and hearts of parents alike.

A honeypot of peace and play, each product is thoughtfully designed and infused with care and creativity, making playtime both intentional and down-to-earth. Specializing in modern heirlooms, and learning resources, our brand nurtures simplicity and sentiment, ensuring each piece is crafted for keepsake and can tell a sweet story about your babe and beyond.

Our newest product is The Star Jar; a customizable reward chart. Children love, and parents & teachers adore it. By affirming positive behavior in a creative way, your child will light up with excitement and enthusiasm, becoming truly motivated to take part in day-to-day tasks.

Mother and Baby

"Thank you so much for the Star Jar! it’s helping with potty training for my little one. He loooooves it and we use it daily, great product, great quality and it’s helping a mama out! "

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